Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another 40 bags update

I'm posting this mainly to inspire myself to keep going. I've made a good amount of progress on my 40 bags. I cleaned out a ton of drawers in the kitchen. Can you believe we actually had FIVE junk drawers in the kitchen alone? Wow. I cleaned out all but one so far and it made room for me to actually store stuff the way I want to.

I'm up to 11 Walmart sized bags of trash and a 13 gallon trash bag. 12 bags down. 28 to go. I also organized my desk drawer. Here are a few before/afters. The first set is my desk drawer and the last is one of my kitchen drawers. I cleaned it out enough to be able to have a home fragrance drawer. It's so convenient now when I need to grab a wax melt. No more pulling everything out of cabinets to find them.

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