Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This and that

*This has been an interesting day. While weed eating the front yard today I found a baby copperhead snake. He got away before I could chop him up. Now I'm all nervous just walking to my car.

*Macie is sick. She hasn't felt well for days but hasn't had any fever. The school nurse (who I am very close with since I volunteer in the clinic every week) has called me every day to let me know how Macie was feeling during school. Once she got home she went right to sleep and spiked a 101.1 temp. So tomorrow we are off to the doc.

* I've made a lot of headway with my 40 bags lately. I also have pics to show of the new living room and bed but I just haven't felt like putting it up lately. I'm sure I will soon.

*Tink (our chinchilla) got sick this week and scared us bad. We googled what to do and I am happy to report she is doing almost 100% better! Vet bills for chins can get to be very expensive so it's a good thing the home treatment is working. We are ridiculously attached to her so we would have had to eat an exotic vet bill. Just to think about that makes me shutter.

This post was really just a few sporadic thoughts in my head. I haven't really felt like putting together a planned out post lately. My brain is occupied with lots of other swirling thoughts. Here's a photo from this weekend. While we were at Walmart with our friends we saw these gorgeous fish. The photo doesn't show just how pastel they really were. So pretty.

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