Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheer uniform and I hate windows 8

First off let me say how much I HATE Windows 8. Seriously I have almost thrown my brand new laptop across the room just because of it. There is not a single thing I like about it. From my understanding I am stuck with it though which really infuriates me. So anyway, moving right along....
Blogger has decided for some reason that when I am on my laptop it will not accept the photos that came from my phone. So it's looking like my blogging will be a mix from now on of my iphone and laptop. It's all very interesting isn't it? No? Ok then I'll move on to the regularly scheduled blogging.
A few weeks ago when Makayla had cheer camp we bought her uniform. Practice isn't a big deal as far as what they wear although we should be getting in our practice clothes order soon. This uniform was *EXPENSIVE*. Really quite ridiculous actually but it is required for competition so we caved. It's a good thing she loves it. Kinda helped when they were prying the money from this mamas hands.
This kid is serious about her cheer. She practices every single day and can now do the splits. She is only a few inches off the ground when she does them. When she started she couldn't even remotely do them. But with hard work and everyday practice she has already accomplished so much.
 This hair screamer was optional but I went ahead and got it because I just couldn't resist her beautiful blue eyes looking up at me with all the cheer uniform excitement. And it IS adorable.

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