Sunday, March 31, 2013

Meet Nibbles

On Easter we all stayed home for most of the day. It eventually started storming plus we were sick. Later in the day hubs went to Petco and picked up some stuff for Tink and Limo and then called me.

Our neighbor is giving us 2 female guinea pigs. The kids have been wanting one forever and our neighbors had babies and they are around the same age as the ones Petco sells. We decided each kid should get their own pet to take care of. So when hubs called he said that the boy needed a pet that was more of a BOY pet. He wanted to buy him a rat.

I was less than pleased but as a mom I try to be open to new pets and experiences. I ended the phone call leaving the decision up to him. 30 minutes later there was a rat in my house.

I will admit that he is very sweet. And smart. I am coming around. The kids immediately loved him especially the boy who thinks its the coolest thing in the world to have his own pet. He got to name him and with the help of daddy came up with Nibbles. Honestly I think that is the cutest name EVER for a pet rat.

I love that hubs gets excited over something as simple as finding chinchilla food on clearance. That IS something to get excited over though since chin food is rather pricey and can only be found at pet stores. I know I know. The little things excite us.

When hubs bought Nibbles he was convinced that we already had a cage that would work. I told him we didn't but you know men. It took him coming home with a rat in a box to realize we in fact did not have a cage. So I went out in the rain to buy a proper one. The things we do as parents.

Nibbles has happily adjusted to his new home and is doing very well.

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