Monday, May 20, 2013

1st Place!!!

Yesterday was one of the best days I think I've ever had as a parent. Makayla and I went to her first cheerleading competition. We had to get there 2.5 hours early so all the girls could get their makeup and accessories on. I ended up being a parent helper. I put glitter on approx. 25 excited cheerleaders. It took us nearly 3 hours to get all the girls ready. They would practice and their poms would hit their face or someone would bump into each other and it would smudge the makeup so we had to keep doing touch ups. It was intense. But absolutely awesome! 

When it came time to perform our girls ROCKED it!!! In fact they did so good they won FIRST place!!! We were all so very proud of each one of them. They performed a cheer routine and then a dance routine. Makayla has put so much into cheer these last few months. She is beyond dedicated and pushes herself to keep getting better. I am one proud mama and I'm so glad she has found something that makes her so happy. 

Each girl got a trophy no matter where they placed and then a medal. Each place was a different color ribbon. First was blue! 

And to top it off my bestfriends daughter performed earlier in the day and took home 1st place in her division as well. So awesome! 

After I picked up the boy and Macie from my mom and aunt we headed home. I got the kids in bed and then had dinner with my other bestie at our fav Mexican restaurant. Great food, hilarious conversation and a strawberry margarita that was insanely delicious. Yep I ended the perfect day in a perfect way. 

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  1. How fun! Sounds like a great day!

    My daughter cheered for the HS football team and they also did a few competitions. It is pretty intense and the practice that goes into it is unbelievable! How great that your daughter gets to experience it all!