Saturday, July 27, 2013

Surgery and Stress

This isn't going to be too long. The last few weeks are a blur. Makayla had surgery yesterday to remove a benign tumor under one of her permanent teeth. Needless to say life has been a whirlwind ever since we found out. The fear of it not being benign kinda overtook us.

Thank the Lord it all went well yesterday and appears benign. She wasn't hurting too bad yesterday but today she is miserable. No chewing or solids for 5 days. Lots of ice cream, shakes, smoothies, pudding and jello. And lots of stress for us. Add in Macies birthday on the day of her sisters surgery and the other kids dental work this week and well it's a miracle hubs and I are still standing. 

Macie and the boy went to my aunts for two days so we could focus on Makayla. They just got home a little while ago. I'll post more soon. We are just trying to get through all of this. 

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