Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The kids perler bead business

I always plan to do blog posts and then in the end I go for the easiness of Instagram. Life has been busy and then slow. Stressful and then fun. This summer has been a crazy combo of really good and really bad. Hoping to take more pics this week and then I'll do a big update post. 

A few weeks ago the kids made lots of creations with their Perler bead kit I bought them from Michaels. They decided they wanted to make a business out of them. They made signs and everything. I simply giggled. I was wrong to blow it off. Those 3 kids and their perler bead creations took my mom and aunt collectively for $50!!!!! Well played kids. Well played. 

The boy didn't make as many as his sisters did so he walked away with $10 profit. He considered his buying options carefully and in the end went for (of course) Legos. Ninjago Legos to be exact. 

Please note the signs warning Makayla added to it. *Warning. NOT a toy. I laughed for days over that. 

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