Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meet Zeus

I didn't post about it but about a month and a half ago Limo died. It was very traumatic for me because I found him dying and he died while I was holding him. We have no explanation as to what happened. It was heartbreaking. 

A week or so ago hubs started researching dog breeds with no real intent of getting another one. Our hearts were leaning towards a miniature pinscher though. We were led to the perfect dog. His name is Zeus. He is 14 months old and a 4th generation pure bred. We plan to eventually breed him. He is also show dog quality so that might be considered eventually too. For now we are just loving on him. The kids adore him and he returns that love. His favorite thing ever is to go on car rides. 

Hubs and I took him to the vet on Friday and had everything checked out. We also got his remainder of shots because the previous owner didn't get them done and he is also on heartworm preventative now. He's good to go. We do have to switch his last name with the registry though. His heritage papers have the previous owners name. Zeus is strictly an inside dog. We think Limo might have gotten a snake bite in the backyard. We do occasionally see copperheads around here so we aren't taking any chances. 

So here is Zeus!! The people we got him from had named him and it was perfect for us. Hubs and I LOVE mythology and the kids do too. So he was meant to be ours. His ears are cropped (which is exactly what we wanted) so they are always standing up. 

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