Sunday, June 1, 2014

State competition road trip! PART 1

This weekend was our State Cheerleading Competition. The girls got 2nd at regionals so they earned their place at state. My bestfriend (from kindergarten) also got to go since her daughter got 1st at regionals in her division. We decided to road trip together!! It was AMAZING! She brought her husband and 4 kids and then it was Makayla and me. It was a 5 hour one way trip. I have SO much to share about this but I'm gonna have to break it up into at least 2-3 posts. I'm gonna start with the ride up there. 

They came to pick us up and when they pulled up we were so excited to see they had written the girls names and cheer stuff all over their van windows. SO cool. I wish I had gotten pics because it rained almost right after and washed off. (More on that in a second.) 

So we pack up and get going and  less than a block from my house we hit traffic.  5:00 pm on Friday with construction traffic. We set the van to track our mileage. 10.2 miles in 70 minutes. Yes 70 minutes. It started raining and I couldn't get out so I had my bestie take one pic of the writing from the inside lol. Better than nothing right? 

We finally clear traffic a little and by then it was around 6:30 and everyone was starving. We had at least 4 hours ahead of us still to get there so we stopped to eat. Best Mexican food restaurant EVER. A little pricey but worth every single penny. We ordered and less than 10 minutes later our food arrived. We kept saying no way is that ours already. And let me tell you it was beyond fantastic. I've grown up on Mexican food and it may have been the best I've ever had. We were all so stuffed after we couldn't move. 

We took care of bathroom breaks and got everyone locked and loaded and headed out for our remaining 4 hour drive. It was so pretty the whole drive. We made it to our awesome hotel around 11:00 pm. 

I'm gonna end this post with these pics of the way up there and then start with our hotel in my next post. 

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