Thursday, July 24, 2014

State comp. road trip PART 3

Last night I typed out a big huge post and because my service is soooo bad out here it got deleted after it tried to post for 7 hours. So I'm going to break it up into a much smaller post and only do a few pics at a time. 

The morning of competition we woke up early, showered and went down to breakfast. Since we had gotten to the hotel so late the pool was already closed. The kids REALLY wanted to swim but the pool wasn't supposed to open until 10:00 am. All the girls had to be on their way to competition by then so my besties hubby went to the front desk and told them we had 3 little cheerleaders who really wanted to swim. They said absolutely no problem at all and let us open the pool after we were done with breakfast around 8:00. The kids got to swim and we were the only ones out there for 90% of the time! 

Here's a few photos until I post more. 

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