Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fresh Start

I am sure that most of you have come here from my other blog. I created this blog because at this point in time I have no interest in posting on Crazy Life of Mine. It just hurts too much to continue a blog that was started 4 years ago as a family of 5. For the time being I am on my own. I didn't want to stop blogging all together so here I am. I needed a fresh start online to match my fresh start in real life.

I will post as often as I feel like it. I hope that one day Crazy Life of Mine will once again be used but until then I will post here. If you have been a follower of mine for a long time I hope you will continue to be but my posts are going to probably be very different now. I have to find my way by myself so I know this is not going to be easy.

I love comments so feel free to leave one anytime. :)


  1. You don't know me from Adam, but I stumbled upon your blog quite some time ago and have followed you ever since. I feel like I know you personally and I am heartbroken for you now. From reading your posts, I know you are a strong woman. Please don't lose yourself in dispair but rather pick yourself up and make a wonderful life for your children. My prayers of comfort are with you.

  2. My thoughts and prayers are with you. If you need to talk, or vent or need a cyber hug please feel free to email me.

    sending you lots of hugs

  3. I can't even remember how we found each other, or how I found your blog, but like Kelly, I feel like I know you personally. You've had such a rough time lately, and my heart hurts for you. I will continue to follow you in this blog, and will keep you in my prayers. {hugs}

  4. Yes Mam.. DONT let this whole thing get you down. You ARE strong, I know it. Well, email me and let me know what all is going on. I love you!

  5. A
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. You will get through this! You are a strong amazing mother. I look forward to being a part of your new start!

  6. Like Kelly said, I don't know you but I've been reading your blog for years. I thought something was wrong when you didn't post for so long. I'm sorry to hear your sad news. One thing I can tell from reading your posts is that you are a wonderful mother. I'm sure you are hurt right now but I know you will continue to do what's best for those 3 little cuties. Take care of yourself- you're important too! I wish you the best. I'm glad you will continue blogging. I would miss your blog and it will probably be an outlet to help you heal.