Saturday, May 1, 2010

Big Breakfast

During the week breakfast is usually a quick bowl of instant oatmeal or cereal. There are many times when I simply send them off to school to eat breakfast there. They always ask me if we can do a big breakfast like on Cheaper by the Dozen. They love the scene with everyone cooking and sitting down to eat when the frog jumps in the eggs. This morning I gave them their wish. Makayla hates eggs so she did not get any. They all loved it and stayed full for over an hour today. That is true success since my kids are usually bottomless pits.

We usually make turkey bacon but hubby does not like it so we used regular bacon today. Add some grapes, scrambled eggs and cranberry oatmeal muffins (recipe coming soon) and you have a pretty yummy breakfast and very happy children.


  1. That breakfast looks really good. My boys are bottomless pits and love when I make big breakfast for them.

  2. For happy children, Makayla doesn't look very happy in the picture! lol!!

    Good breakfast!

    As for chey not liking turkey bacon, he can suck it up! lmao