Monday, May 17, 2010

The story of Buzz *Lightning*

This is the story of * Buzz Lightning*. The boy has really been into Buzz and Toy Story lately. I found a page in Kohls ad this week advertising the $5 Toy Story stuffed animals and knew I had to get the boy a Buzz. We went early this morning around 8:45 and I did not see any of the stuffed animals. We walked around and found one Buzz off by himself at the front and the cashier said he was the only one left. We snatched him up.

On the way out I asked him if Buzz was his buddy and he replied
** He not a buddy! He is Buzz Lightning to the rescue!** He is having a little bit of trouble realizing that Buzz is actually Buzz Lightyear. Cars is also one of his favs so I guess he decided to combine the two of them. As his mama I find this to be so beyond adorable I do not think I can handle it.


  1. To cute. He is excited for the movie? My boys are counting down the minutes until Toy Story 3 next month and then Cars 2 is coming out next year.

  2. What is that face he is making?? LOL! Mason is so funny. Congrats for getting there before all the Buzzes were gone!