Monday, June 14, 2010

Home Makeover

The weekend that we picked up the new couches was less than ideal. Tempers were flaring (mainly mine) and the heat had us all melting. But in the end we did end up with my in-laws couches. They are a little more formal than I would have personally picked but also very comfy. And of course they are better than the cream leather set we had for 6 years. I am happy with these.

I have also been getting rid of a ton of stuff so I feel like the whole house is getting a makeover.


  1. we spent the entire weekend, rearranging things and giving lots away. I made 2 trips to goodwill and have at least 3 more boxes to give to them.

    Your home looks really really nice

  2. The couches make it look so different in there! It'll take some time getting used to it. But yes, they are soo very comfy. I love those couches.