Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My life is sorta in limbo right now which is why I have not been posting many details lately.I just have to sit back for a while. But I must admit that I have a serious urge to paint the dining room chairs and table legs. I really want to go with a deep dark red or maybe even black. Hmmmm. Not sure yet. Maybe I will post pics of my kitchen and ask you all to vote. Any ideas? I want something dramatic.


  1. When in limbo...I say go for it...Paint! Here everyon is really big in to a Savannah Red for their Dinning rooms.

  2. well to tell you the truth I wrote it because MY life has been in limbo also. It is the only word to describe my life right now. LIMBO! Hang in there! Thanks for comment on my blog toooo!

  3. I like black and red together, so maybe you can mix and match both colors into something beautiful. Just to make me happy! LMAO!! A deep red sounds pretty!