Monday, June 7, 2010

Loooong weekend

We got home from the beach around 10:00 p.m Friday night. Then Saturday morning we had to get up and go out of town again to help my mother-in-law move and do her garage sale. It was extremely hot and very boring for the kids because the only thing left in the house was a t.v. They watched Cartoon Network for a while but started to become very restless.

It was hard on me because my in-laws entire life together (31 years married) was for sale on the front lawn. It hit me very hard. The family dinners on the dining room table for 9 years straight, the vintage tins she always had displayed. Everything. Gone. It was very hard on everyone emotionally. Once we got back (with our new to us couches) my mother-in-law stayed the night. It was very late but she told the kids they could watch a movie with her in our bedroom. So they all piled up with her and watched Ice Age 3. Makayla and the boy crashed pretty soon after. Macie fought it for a while but eventually fell asleep against my mother-in-law. Luckily I grabbed my camera for one quick shot.

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