Saturday, August 28, 2010

You don't see that everyday

A few weeks ago our neighbors moved because their house was falling apart. We are still really great friends with them but miss them being next door. Our landlord decided that she didn't want to invest money in an old house that had the worst foundation ever so she had it torn down last week. It was really neat to watch but also very heartbreaking because we spent a lot of time at our neighbors house hanging out while the kids played.

When the demolishing began we went outside to watch. The boy was absolutely mesmerized and refused to go in until the entire house was one big pile of rubble. So we were out there about 45 mins or so. I was able to snap this picture of my boys watching the beginning. The boy ran and pulled up a chair so he could watch without moving. So cute.

And before I forget....wanna know how far we have made it with the food challenge? Well we haven't. I cooked one meal since my post about stretching our food and not eating out. So yeah....I really need to get moving on that don't I?

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