Thursday, August 26, 2010

Batman! Batman!

For the past year or so the boy has been obsessed with Batman. I can honestly say that his obsession has reached it's peak lately. Everything important in the world of my almost 4 year old is about Batman. And I will admit....I LOVE it. Batman makes me happy now because I know how excited the boy will get. Today that led to a spur of the moment purchase of a twin size Batman comforter and several Batman shirts. I am a sucker I know. But I promise you would be too if you saw this kids face light up.

P.S. That is a twizzler in his mouth. Apparently I am a sucker for this kid period. Batman or not.


  1. So cute! Isn't it fun spoiling our kids? Especially when something so simply brings them big joy. :)

  2. Mason is a true boy! I am a sucker for spoiling Alyssa too, I just can't help it! Go comment on my blogs!!!