Monday, January 10, 2011

Simplifying our lives: After school

Usually when the girls get home from school they plop onto the couch and settle in for a few hours of Spongebob and icarly. Many fights erupt between siblings while I try to make dinner or pick up the house. I decided today that I was tired of it and wanted my children to find a better way to occupy their time.

Art is a huge part of our lives. My aunt (who I am extremely close to) is an artist and had all 3 of my children holding and using a paintbrush at 6 months of age. ( And no I am not exaggerating.) I told the girls they could draw and color at the table when we got home and I started making dinner. We got home a little later than usual because I had to stop by the bank. The next thing I know all 3 of my children are coloring and drawing and Makayla is helping the boy do his drawings and he is loving every minute of it. My heart skipped a beat when I saw this.

Not only was she helping him but she was also cheering him on. " Look Boy!! Look how good you drew that sword!!" I continued to make dinner and my children continued to draw. They have not asked once to turn on the t.v. Next is bath and getting things taken care of before bed and then it will be time to tuck them all in. I did promise them that they could watch the new episode of House of Anubis tonight so I might let them pile on the floor and watch an episode before they go to sleep. I am fine with watching a single show versus them watching 6 straight episodes of icarly.

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  1. What a wonderful idea for after school! Looks like they are thoroughly enjoying it too. I totally understand the love/hate relationship with kids & tv. We definitely have days where it is on too much.