Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arboretum Visit

The last few weeks we have had miserably cold weather. It has really put me in a rut and I have been wanting to break out of the house. This week however we have had GORGEOUS weather. Today when I picked the girls up from school I decided that there was no way we could waste this day and so we went to the arboretum.

Everything was pretty much dead but that made it beautiful in it's own way. Come Springtime it will be filled with beautiful bright flowers but today was still wonderful.

There are usually big fish in this pond but today there were only a few tiny goldfish.

My gosh I love these 3 kiddos!

We started off on our trail and all of a sudden I look down right before Makayla stepped on this mouse. He was HUGE and didn't run at all when we were standing there. That is why we didn't see him. I pulled the kids back and took a pic and told the kids to hurry past him. As soon as they ran past he took off towards Makayla. She jumped about 3 feet in the air. So funny. He wasn't scared of us at all.

I didn't want the kids too close to this edge because it fell right down into the huge bayou and there was no railing but I let them get a peek for a few minutes.
This was the kids favorite place. They thought the water was the greatest thing ever.

Worn out from walking around they took a break to swing.
And I tried to get a pic of the boy and me. I had already taken some of the girls with me but he wasn't cooperating at the time so I decided to sneak one.
I was so excited about this pic because I thought I had actually gotten a good one of all 3 of them smiling. But if you look closely you can see Macie was crossing her eyes. Really kid? You just had to do that when I was trying to get a perfect pic. Kids are driving me nuts. But oh how I love them.
When we got in the car the boy wanted to call my mom and tell her we saw a mouse. So I handed him the phone when we were sitting in the parking lot.

The kids really had fun and the weather was perfect. In the 70's with a good wind and overcast but still pretty bright. I am so glad we went on a last minute outing.

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  1. Cute pics! You always get great pictures. I love that water thing too, thats my fav place as well!