Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Claw

The other day the boy and I went with our neighbor to have breakfast at Denny's. Each time we go the kids always beg daddy to try and win one of the stuffed animals in the claw machine. Each time he tries and tries and spends several dollars worth of quarters but it never happens. The animals are always shoved too hard in there.

When we were leaving the boy begged our neighbor and I to try. I told him that if daddy couldn't do it then I was pretty sure that mama couldn't get one either but he insisted. So I tried. I was about to give up but decided that the fourth time might just me the one and sure enough it was!! I started getting so excited and so was my neighbor. The boy kept yelling " You winned!! You winned!!" I couldn't believe it. The boy walked out of there super happy and the whole morning he kept telling me " I can't believe you winned!!"

He named his doggy Angel. He didn't even take much time to think of a name. He just knew what it should be. So sweet.

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