Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tomorrow :(

I'm trying my best to deal with tomorrow in a way that the kids don't feel the pain. They don't realize that their papa died one year ago tomorrow. They are excited about Valentine's. Hubs and I just want to sit and cry. But I must find a balance for my kiddos so I am trying my best to be upbeat and let them have their excitement and fun. It is hard but I am getting there. I have a lot to post about this weekend but no time so I am just gonna post one pic.

I found this adorable mini heart shaped skillet at the grocery store for only $2 and made the kids some fried eggs in it. They absolutely LOVED it. I think they came out really cute. I probably won't post tomorrow because it is just too sad for me but I will be back on Tuesday.


  1. Gotta love that dolphin plate :)

  2. What a cool skillet - that looks like your kids had a very special breakfast. ((HUGS)) to you & DH today. I hope the happiness & laughter of your children plus good memories will fill your hearts today.