Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Wednesday

I want to tell all of you that I appreciate each and every comment/email that you guys send my way. It makes me feel like I'm not just talking to myself on here. :) Thank you for that.

Here's a random photo of the boy playing Sonic on hubs Dreamcast. It's an old school system but works great and my hubs finally deemed it ok for the kiddos to play it occasionally. He was fresh from the tub and so excited for his turn.

I picked these flowers from our front yard before hubs mowed it the other day. Aren't they pretty? Little colorful bits of Spring.

I need to take pics of our garden so I can post them. I went out last night only to discover that Limo ate one of my jalapeno plants. If it were up to me he would be an orphan right now but hubs insists I just put up a better fence around my garden. Have I mentioned that gardening is not frugal friendly? It is especially frustrating when you have a plant eating dog that refuses to learn that eating our garden is not acceptable.

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  1. We lost our jalapeno plant to a rabbit one year. It had a beautiful jalapeno almost ready for picking and the darn rabbit ate the whole thing! So, yes, feel your pain there. We started fencing off w/ chicken wire - not attractive but saved our veggies.

    Such a sweet pic of your son! Nothing wrong with the old school system. We were the same way until a year ago when DH won a Wii in a giveaway. Before that we were still using a GameCube (and still would be if he hadn't won the other).

    Thanks for your comment today! That pillow was fun to make. :)