Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Garden Growth

We have had several garden set backs again this year. The big joint garden fell through and then Limo once again ate my jalapeno plants. Then last night my remaining jalapenos and my cilantro was victim to my neighbors dog. BUT there is a lot of progress in my backyard.

Lettuce: I grew it from seeds and it is surprisingly easy to grow. This is my first year trying it and now I know that next year I am planting a ton of it.

My green onions are growing strong. This is what we pulled the other day and my kids ate them plain. Macie loves them as a snack.

As of Monday night we have 10 tomatoes already. Can't wait till they are red and ripe.

The kids are so excited about growing stuff. Macie can hardly contain herself about the tomatoes and I can't wait to feed Hammy some home grown lettuce.


  1. I am hoping to start planting today, it snowed last week so I have been putting it off.. I have carrots, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs that I am hoping to plant this year.

  2. Wow.. everything looks awesome! I cant believe Limo ate the jalapeno plants. He must be more mexican then me! lol