Monday, April 18, 2011

We *LOVE* animals

Our family just doesn't feel complete without a bunch of furry critters running around. We have 3 dogs and recently bought our dwarf hamster named Hammy. Our cat Sally couldn't get along with 2 of the dogs so we gave her to our neighbor but we joke that we " share custody" of Sally. It works well for our family. Everyone is happy. I love how much my kids love animals. They are so sweet and welcome every single animal around our house. They love the neighbors dogs too and call them theirs.

Hubs and I have been playing with Hammy every night to get him used to being held. He also gets ball time every night. I was finally able to get a photo of Hammy. LOVE LOVE this hamster. He has a huge personality for being such a tiny little critter.

Girls playing outside today and holding Sally.

( Don't worry. The boy is only holding a cardboard sword that a friend cut out for him today. )

When we bought Hammy I didn't tell hubs. I waited for him to notice when he got home and he was not happy. He told me he didn't like hamsters. Now he absolutely adores him. He reminds me every night to put him in his ball and is the first to start playing with him. I love that man ( and our hamster). These furry family members are such a part of our lives. I am so happy that my kids are growing up with a love and respect for them.