Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Yard Work

Yesterday was spent outdoors. Unfortunately we had a city wide ban on fireworks this year due to lack of rain. Hubs mowed the lawn and I spent a great deal of time planting what had been given to me. I ended up losing quite a bit from the heat and being dug up but I was able to save some tomato plants, a jalapeno plant, some onions and then something else that I have not identified yet. It was an exhausting day but very rewarding. Today I made a batch of pumpkin chip muffins. The plan to use what I have for meals is going great. Tonight we are having lemon pepper chicken, rice and cornbread. I have enough food to last more than a week if I really wanted to use it but I think I will finally go shopping early next week sometime.

I have been working hard to use what we have and do the most I can. In my opinion it is way more satisfying that just running down to the store and buying whatever I want. The other bonus is saving money. We have birthdays and three kids to buy school clothes and supplies for all at the same time. Every penny helps.

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