Sunday, November 20, 2011

Home projects ( Red edition)

I have been itching to do a couple of small house projects. I finally couldn't take it anymore and so I went and bought four cans of red spray paint. I had several ideas in mind and just ran with them.

I moved one of our nightstands out of our room and put a bookshelf on my hubs side. I decided that the nightstand on my side could use a sprucing up so I sanded it down and took a leap of faith with the spray paint. I LOVE how it came out. LOVE IT!!Last year one of our dining room chairs broke and my mom and aunt turned it into a table for our porch. It was painted white but wear has really been showing on the white so I decided to turn it red too. It really makes the front porch pop!This one really isn't a project but I wanted to share it anyway. Today hubs ran a few errands and came home with a Spiderman costume for the boys' build-a-bear. He absolutely loved it. I have quite a few more projects in mind for the next month or so. We have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. This year we are doing it differently and having it at our house. My mother-in-law and other family members are coming and I am sure it is going to be great. I have been running around making sure we have everything that is needed.

I'm especially excited to get our tree up this coming weekend. Hope you all are enjoying the season.

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  1. Red is Alyssa's new favorite color! I bet Mason had a cow over that costume. Are you having both sides of the family at your house? That would be interesting. lol. Hope to see ya Wednesday.