Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Waste Friday

This was NOT a good week for food waste around here. On Saturday I made 4 beautiful quarts of homemade vanilla yogurt using the Frugal Girls' recipe. I unknowingly burned the bottom of my milk and when we went to eat our delicious yogurt it was a burnt vanilla flavor. Yuck. So I had to throw it all out. So disappointed. I'm gonna try again and hopefully this time I will leave out the burn.

I also had a container of oats and shortening go bad. I used the shortening once and forgot about it since I don't usually use it. And I tried to use up the oats but half of it still went bad. I'm quite embarrassed over that one.

I also just threw out a whole head of lettuce. It turned brown since it was forgotten in the bottom of the fridge. Like I said...... Not a good week.


  1. What a disappointment the yogurt must have been for you after all of that effort. These things happen, however.

  2. Recipe fails do happen, as sad as it is. At least through the trial and error, you'll figure out how to make it well. Other than the yogurt, you didn't do too badly. :)