Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My happy place

When we moved here three years ago one of the things I loved the most was our front porch. Its not huge but it is where we always are. When we have company over the conversation always makes its way outside. We drink coffee on this porch. We have family meetings on this porch. Basically it is the heart of our home.

Thanks to planting season I have another reason to love it. Limo doesn't eat our tomato plants so I decided to solely grow tomatoes in the backyard. Everything else is planted out front this year. Blessing our porch right now is cilantro, lavender (in the rectangle planter on the railing), green onions, lemon balm, jalapenos(in the topsy turvy), green bell peppers, lettuce and one cherry tomato plant. We have five Roma tomato plants we need to plant out back.

This year is gonna be a good one.

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