Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Didn't see THAT coming

After we got home from the movie yesterday we just hung out lounging around. A thunderstorm started and the kids were scared. I told them it was just a small storm but I wasn't exactly right. Our kitchen windows need caulking around them again and the rain storm flooded our kitchen. I have never had any problems with rain getting in but since it was coming in sideways and very hard we didn't stand a chance. Counters, drawers and floor were all soaking wet. So I did the best I could with towels. Then the power went, the ditches and yards flooded and I lost all cell service. I couldn't even text.

I found out after it had died down that there was a tornado nearby. We even have a tree in the backyard that is down. It made for a very interesting evening. I got a few pics of the kids drawing by flashlight.

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  1. Happy that you are all okay. We had a storm like that come through Colorado springs and Denver last week.