Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We went to the movies

I took the kids to see Madagascar 3 today. As soon as we walked in Macie screamed out a name and went running towards a little girl and threw her arms around her. Turns out it was one of her favorite friends from school! So I let her sit in the row in front of me with her friend. She couldn't have been happier.

The movie was pretty funny and all the kids liked it. I was surprised that the boy did so well during the movie. We had a few road bumps but otherwise it went well. I had to promise we will see the new Ice Age coming out soon since we are HUGE fans of the other 3.

We also finished off an entire medium bag of popcorn. Next time I will just pay the extra $1 and get a refillable large. The kids kept complaining they were still hungry throughout the movie. Oh and have you priced movie theater popcorn lately? Geez. For what I spent on the medium I could have gotten us a months worth of popcorn for home.

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