Friday, July 27, 2012

A Hello Kitty Birthday!

I have 200 things to do today but first I want to post about Macie's birthday. We had a combined party for all the kids on Tuesday and I will post about that tomorrow. We kept her home celebration very simple.

We got a cake, a few gifts and our neighbors came over to sing happy birthday and give her a present.

We keep the birthday gifts simple for several reasons.
A: Our family buys a ton of gifts for each child's birthday.
B: I tend to go overboard at Christmas so keeping birthdays simple helps with the overflowing of toys.

Macie adores anything and everything Hello Kitty so I choose to get her a HK cake and of course her presents were HK too. Weeks ago our friends had spent the night and her 7 year old had a new HK super soft fleece twin blanket and Macie went crazy! She begged and begged for one. When I went to buy it Walmart was out so I looked online at Target and found the perfect one. It's even lollipop scented which made my little Hello Kitty lover even happier.

She also got a nightgown and poster. Our neighbors got her this really huge inflatable elephant that hooks to the water hose and then sprays water 20ft in every direction. It was so sweet of them to think of her.

Macie kept telling me how much she loved everything and how happy she was. I can't believe my middle child is already 8! Time really has flown by.

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