Friday, July 27, 2012

The circus party!!

With all that has happened in our family this summer my mom and aunt weren't up to having 3 or even 2 separate birthday parties for the kids. The solution was to combine them all. We have July, August and September kiddos so it really wasn't that far of a stretch. My aunt and mom did an amazing job with our little family party.

My mom came up with a circus theme and let me tell you.... It was an epic win. She sent out flyers and tickets to our house to prepare the kids for how many tickets they would need to buy certain things. They set up a souvenir shop and a concession stand. They even made my aunts dining room table look like an elephant. So much love and effort went into this party and my munchkins proclaimed it the best circus ever!! (And it really was!)

My aunt hosted it ( joyfully even though she is still mourning my uncle) and my mom added just as much to it. My kids are so blessed that so many people love them like they do. They even set up games with prizes, etc.

My family is beyond creative. This one is definitely a party my kids will never forget.

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  1. Why dont you tell me about these things??? This party sounded awesome! Your mom and Aunt need to come give me a party!