Saturday, July 7, 2012

A great day

Normally I am not a fan of Chuck E. Cheese. However, today was actually a lot of fun. We went for a friends 5th birthday party and had a BLAST! It was the first party of the morning and not crowded at all. Kids had a great time and the adults got to talk, catch up and play games too of course.

Right before it was time to go my friend (since kindergarten so going on 23 years now) told me that we were coming back to her house and that she would take my kids in her van and I could run a few errands. Yes ma'am!!!!

Then she text me and said to go out and that tonight she would meet me half way with my kiddos! I am so blessed to have such a great friend! So right now my kids are an hour away having a great time and I am about to decide what to do with my free time. Yes it has been a very good day indeed.

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