Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rain, Rain and Rain

For the past week it has been raining. I am loving it. It makes it easier to tell the kids they can't go swimming. The girls sun rash is almost cleared up but I am thankful for the extra few days to give them to heal. It is supposed to continue raining for the next week.

This morning the boy woke up around 4:00a.m and came into the bedroom telling me he had a nightmare and he wanted to lay with me. There was a pretty intense thunderstorm happening outside so I knew that was making him nervous. He crawled into bed with me and we fell back asleep together under our cozy blankets.

There has been a lot of cleaning and organizing around here as well as quite a bit of playing. This week the photos are pretty random.

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  1. Please send some of the rain up to Colorado, we sure could use a week of solid rain