Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ice Age 4

I spent 90% of the weekend sick with some kind of stomach virus. 36 hours straight of nausea. Not fun at all especially when it ruins attending a pool party and going to the beach. By today I was feeling well enough to actually stay out of bed for a while so we took advantage and saw Ice Age 4.

I had promised the kids we would see it in theaters. This time I got smart and bought a large popcorn and drink so we could get refills. Kinda proved to be a bad idea since my kids asked for refills every second throughout the whole movie. They also consumed 2 large bags of buttery popcorn and 2 large Mr. Pibbs. Not exactly a nutritious dinner.

We loved the movie and all of us agreed it was better than Madagascar 3. I wanted to get some pictures of them in front of the movie poster but the theater didn't have one for Ice Age. We settled on the Finding Nemo 3D poster instead.

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