Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Making it easier

I know it's not a popular opinion but I absolutely despise summer. I get very depressed during the hot months which I know isn't exactly a shared feeling with most people. During the Fall months I come alive. I enjoy being in the kitchen and making our home warm and cozy.

This past week I have been getting very excited for the upcoming months. School routines in place, cooler weather, more time baking. I love all of it. Tonight I felt like being productive in the kitchen. I made a peach cobbler for breakfast (it's not too sweet so it makes a great breakfast) and I wanted to make something else but we are in desperate need of a grocery store trip. So instead of actually making something else I got out my quart canning jars and made the dry mix for our all time favorite muffins. We are always making pumpkin chocolate chip muffins but the mixing takes forever. I just cut down on that big time for the next four batches. Can I get a hooray for late night productivity??

I'm hoping to do this for more recipes as well. You would be surprised how much quicker baking goes when you don't have to drag out all your dry items.

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