Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dental emergencies and a peanut reaction

The last few days have been chaos. Yesterday Makayla and Macie both had emergency dental visits. I had to have my schedule switched at work so I could get them in. Macie had been crying and crying about pain in her mouth. We thought she had an infected tooth or gums. Turns out hers was just basically a paper cut in her mouth and the dentist said within 10 days she will be fine. 

Makayla's was a little worse. After her surgery last summer they put a spacer in her mouth to prevent the 2 teeth next to the gap where the benign tumor tooth was removed from growing into that space. Well one of those teeth the spacer was resting on was a baby tooth and it was ready to come out. No wonder she was in pain. The spacer was holding the baby tooth down while the new tooth was trying to push through. So they pulled the baby and once the permanent is all the way in she will get a new spacer. 

Then today I was in my room going through paperwork and I hear Macie screaming "where's the Benadryl?? Where??" That's never good. I go to see what happened and sure enough... Freak peanut reaction. Makayla had a piece of chocolate a friend had given her and opened the guinea cage for Macie so she could put Oreo back in. She must have had chocolate on her fingers and then when Macie put Oreo up and shut the door she touched it. And had a BAD reaction. To make it worse the Benadryl had disappeared. I threw the kids in the car and sped to Walgreens. We ran through the store like crazy people and I ripped the box open right there in the aisle and dosed her up. She was ok after that. The rash was all over her face, neck and arms. 

She came home and took a bath and then laid in my bed a while and worked on her rainbow loom. There is always something happening around here. I wouldn't mind just one quite nice relaxing day. 

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