Thursday, October 11, 2012

42 hour days

Six years ago I had 3 kids in diapers. My life wasn't nearly as busy as it is now. How is that possible??

Between becoming educated, getting in shape, volunteering in the school clinic, raising happy kids, feeding said kids, keeping all the pets alive and happy, organizing a huge garage sale and keeping the house somewhat in order I've run out of time in the day. Seriously I'm running on 42 hour days. Unfortunately the real world only has 24 hour days. Bummer.

Makayla gets to bring the class guinea
pig home this weekend. She has anxiously waited for her turn since the second week of school. Lots of excitement surrounding that.

I'll be back soon with more. Just completely drowning in to-do's right now. I hate posting without a pic so here is one of the boy from last weekend. They brought their "babies" to lunch with them. So cute.

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