Friday, October 12, 2012

Disappointment and Petco

Makayla was supposed to bring the class guinea pig home this weekend. A couple of hours before school let out she called me crying her eyes out. They have phones in every classroom
so if any kids or teachers need to call
parents they can. She told me that her teacher told her she couldn't bring him home because she forgot to do one of her homework sheets.

I don't really agree with that but I understand that the teacher had laid that guideline down and so there wasn't much I could do but comfort her. In an attempt to get her to stop crying I told her that we would go look at animals at Petco just for fun. That helped her and she composed herself and went back to her schooling.

After I picked them up I made good on my promise and we walked around Petco looking at the animals. The turtles and snakes were of course my kids favorites. Why do my kids love snakes?? I really have no idea where that came from.

I made sure to leave my money at home because every time I go to Petco my mind wanders to what kind of animals we could have. We have 2 chinchillas and 2 dogs( it was 3 but Jack died this summer) so I have to show self control. The kids enjoyed seeing everything and Makayla is a little less upset now. Hopefully we will get him in the next few weeks.

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