Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Tree

We were finally able to finish up our tree. The kids had so much fun. I'm not one of those that gets nervous if the tree isn't perfect. The bottom has so many ornaments it's not even funny and although I do move a few around usually I am pretty happy to leave it be because the kids take so much pride in the tree trimming.

The special ornaments I put on each year with a few exceptions. The ballerina is the ornament Macie ALWAYS puts on because we bought it to always remember her best friend who passed away while
In kindergarten with her. She had an inoperable brain tumor and Macie and her really bonded. Macie still cries 3 years later because she misses her so much. So that ornament goes straight to Macie every year.

Makayla wanted to put up the Santa with the fish because that one is to always remember my father-in-law. I love that my kids feel such a connection to certain ornaments and appreciate the joy of a Christmas tree.

The wooden cross was made by my mom. Her tree always has one and she made me my own after I left home. It is always placed in the middle at the top.

We just love the glow of Christmas lights.

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