Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Christmas village new edition

Growing up I had the most wonderful light up Christmas village. When we got married I didn't have the room to store anything so my mom held onto them. This year I was finally ready to bring them home and begged my mom. I'm supposed to pick up the box this weekend.

Every year we added a new house or accessory to the village. It hasn't been used in over ten years so no new pieces have been added. This year at Michaels I found the perfect piece! It called to me because my aunt is an artist and used to sell her work at a shop that looked just like this. I have wonderful memories of spending time there in high school and knew I had to bring this house home.

The only problem was that it was a Lemax and priced at $60. Way more than I'm willing to spend on a village house. Amazingly Michaels was running a 50% off sale for the Lemax collection. When I told my aunt she said she needed a small gift still for me to fill in and offered to go halves with me!! Wahoo!!

Tonight I brought that baby home and it is an amazing piece. Growing up our village was the essence of everything cozy and magical during the holidays. I'm so thankful I can give that to my kids now as well.

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  1. wow! that sure is a beautiful christmas village-piece. I bet it looks really nice when its a bit dark!!