Monday, December 10, 2012

The craft day post: Part 1

I'm going to break last Friday down in several posts as I have time. Since several of you wanted directions to the ornament wreath I am going to start with that.

These are seriously so easy and fun that after we had each finished one my friend told all 6 of our children to get shoes on and get in the car because we were going to buy more supplies. ( I'll put the shopping pics in a different post.)

Anyway.... All you need is a wire clothes hanger and LOTS of ornaments in different sizes or the same if you prefer. I cannot take credit for this idea though. I found it on YouTube so in no way am I claiming it mine. All you do is unhook the hanger at the top and then form a rough circle. Next start stringing your ornaments on through the tops. You might want to glue your ornament tops on first since we did have some fall off during the process. It's up to you.

You just keep stringing them along until you are done and then reclose your hanger. You can also add a big bow if you want to. That's it. So easy and soooo pretty. We ended up making 4 total. One for my mom and one for my besties neighbor.

In the photo of the 3 of them we still hadn't shaped them completely yet. You can play with it a little once you are done. We ended up using approx 80 ornaments per wreath but we had 4 different sized bulbs to work with.

Such a super fun day. I'll post about the kids crafts and our hilarious Walmart trip later. If you make any of these let me know. :-) I'd love to see them!

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  1. that sounds super easy! really want to try to make one. going to a big walmart kinda store tomorrow, so going to look for some cheap ornaments!