Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Craft Day: Part 2

We had so much fun making our first ornament wreaths that my best friend told all the kids to get shoes on and get in the car right after we were done.
A trip to Walmart.
With 6 children.
On a Friday.

I kept telling her she was insane and we wouldn't survive it but she wasn't worried. We loaded all the kids up and headed out. Three in a basket and three walking. It worked out good especially when I took half to the van and she took half to check out.

Somehow we survived although we did joke that we were the women the people of Walmart were going home and talking about. And I'm pretty sure that they were. We were a pretty funny sight loading up a ton of ornaments in the basket while the baby is trying to throw them out and the older kids seeing every toy ever made and screaming "I want that!! I want that too!"

It was worth it in the end and we got just enough ornaments to make two more with a few left over for next year.

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