Saturday, February 2, 2013

Busy busy week

These last few days have been beyond packed. I finished my final exam, volunteered in the clinic and did about a million other things. Right now I'm waiting on the mattress delivery people. My house is a WRECK because of new furniture coming in (hooray!) and being put together. And of course new furniture leads to reorganizing.

Makayla also had cheer last night for the first time (pics coming). I woke up this morning and I was so sore. Then I realized its because I just couldn't wait for hubs to put together our new tv stand/ bookshelf so I hauled it all in myself and put it together myself as well. I paid for it this morning but at least our tv is properly displayed in all it's glory now.

When we were picking out our new mattress set we also had to buy me a new laptop. 99.9% of my career requires a computer. And not just a cheapy one. So I had to make the purchase so when it's time I'm ready. While there the kids had a blast listening to all the awesome headphones they had on display. Most of the pics are blurry because they were dancing while I was trying to take pics.

We left directly after school that day to run errands and stayed at the furniture store for 3 hours. Hubs and I hadn't eaten (I got the kids happy meals earlier in the evening) and we left the store around 9:45 and went straight to taco bell. By then the kids were hungry again so I got them some cinnamon twists to eat as a snack. It was a crazy busy day but it ended well. Laptop in hand and mattress bought.

This post is long enough so I'll try to catch up soon.

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