Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Randomness on Tuesday

I decided to do a random post today despite not being able to upload any photos. So here are some completely random tidbits about various things on my mind.

* The living room redo is completely done with the exception of something to hang on the wall behind the tv. I have a few ideas but haven't bought anything yet. There is a new sofa, loveseat, tv stand, bookshelf and 8X11 Persian rug along with a few new accessories. Pics of course to come later IF I ever get this blog issue fixed. Google is not on my good list right now.

* I finished my course with a final exam
Grade of 92!! Which means I officially have a certificate degree in medical claims and billing!

* Hotel Transylvania is hands down the best kids movie we have seen in a LONG time! Highly recommend it.

* Kids are loving karate and cheer classes. Makayla works on her splits daily and the boy and Macie have learned so much. Macie showed me one of her moves last night and it actually hurt me. I was quite impressed I must say. Apparently I'm spending my money wisely on karate lessons.

* Our new bed is heavenly. That would be completely awesome if it didn't make waking up in the mornings so much harder for me. Gotta work on that still.

* Just an FYI... If you download the free Redbox app to your phone they send you free codes. You can also send them your email when you rent movies and they email them to you as well. Hubs and I both signed up and so when they send out a free code we both get it. They always send $.50 off codes and then twice a month or so free ones. It's pretty awesome. Especially for us because we are at a kiosk pretty much daily.

*Makayla got in the car from school yesterday and had a sad look on her face. She said "Mommy, I have some sad news." I instantly knew what she was going to say and sure enough I was right. The class guinea pig (Cubby) died. Sixty 4th graders were heartbroken yesterday. She asked me to print out a photo from when Cubby stayed the weekend with us. I need to do that this week for her. :-(

* I cut my hair. Drastically. I had enough to donate to locks of love which is super awesome. The lady cut it 4 inches shorter than I said to. I wasn't happy. I came home and cried. I love it now though. :-) I of course would post pics if my blogger app hadn't gone rogue.

* I need to be doing dishes rather than blogging.

So on that note I'm signing off this post. I miss posting photos. I think I might have to resort to calling a customer service line. Ugh. Anyways... Hope everyone is having a good week.

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