Saturday, February 16, 2013

The start of 40 bags in 40 days

This is the 5th post for today because I am
catching up now that my phone is allowing me to post photos again. So be sure to read through the posts.

When I decided to participate in 40 bags in 40 days I got very excited. Now that I have started I am even more excited.

The first place I tackled was the bathroom. I had NO clue how much expired stuff was in our cabinets. To make it worse I had four plastic bins on the counter to hold our stuff because I thought there was no room in our two HUGE medicine cabinets. Boy was I wrong. I cleared out so much that I was able to get rid of the plastic containers on the counter. (I kept them of course for other organizing areas.)

Now the kids and I share a medicine cabinet and sink and hubs has his own. I also cleaned out the bottom cabinets. Total I got 2 Walmart bags completely full of trash!! I also started on a kitchen cabinet and got another bag and I hit the van yesterday and ended up with an entire 13 gallon trash bag of junk to throw out. That is awful that there was that much in our van. I still have to clean out the trunk. I really hope that this project makes me rethink the things in our home.

The first photo is the medicine cabinet all cleaned out. It's full of stuff but that stuff was ALL sitting on the counters because there was so much JUNK in the cabinets. To get it all in there was a serious VICTORY! Everything in there now are the products we use constantly. No more never used or expired items.

4 bags down! 36 more to go!

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