Monday, February 18, 2013

This busy busy life

I feel so overwhelmed right now. It's not any particular thing it's just all of the recent happenings wearing me thin. You wouldn't think that extra curricular classes twice a week would be that big of a deal but oh my gosh I feel like they have pushed me over the edge. The kids love them and we are going to stick with them for a very long time but wow we just don't seem to slow down for a second.

When the kids were toddlers I was always reading blogs that talked about how busy they were and I remember thinking... Really? How can you be that busy? I'm not busy and I have 3 kids under 4. Now I get it. I thought it would get easier when they were older but I feel strained way more now than when I had 3 kids in diapers.

Every single day leaves me crawling into
bed and crashing. I always say my prayers in bed each night and the last few nights I have actually fallen asleep in the middle of saying them. That's so not good.

I keep thinking things will mellow out a bit but the truth is that they are about to get even crazier. I'm going to be working soon and time will really be short. I could use some 36 hour days.

Today I was at hubs job waiting for him to take lunch and I laid my seat back to rest while I waited. It started pouring down rain and it felt so peaceful and relaxed. For a few minutes I almost forgot I had to run an errand quickly with hubs during his lunch break, zoom home to pick up the kids on time, zoom back home, make dinner, give baths and get 2 out of 3 children to karate on time.

Maybe when they go to college life will slow down a bit.

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