Saturday, March 9, 2013

Food makeover

It's late but I'm not really tired. Makayla has cheer camp tomorrow and she is beyond excited. I feel awful right now. It is my own doing though. I decided last night to stop eating meat for a while. I feel like my body needs to get an extra boost so this is the first step.

I started this morning with a fried egg and a green smoothie. I've snacked on nuts and larabars and for dinner I ate black beans and spanish rice in my tacos while my family ate yummy beef tacos. I know I'm doing the right thing but my body is FREAKING out right now. I'm hoping in a few days it will pass and I will feel amazing.

I'm sure I'll do an update on how my week
went with this. Wish me luck. I'll need it.


  1. I have been trying to also change the way that I eat, it is not easy.. Have you found a really good larabar? I have tried cliff bars and don't care for them..

    1. Yes Linda I have! I really love the lemon and cherry Larabars but all of them are tasty. Very natural but there's something about them that makes me addicted. Let me know what you think if you try them.