Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Cupcake and an Oreo

I talked a little about how we decided each kid should have a little pet that is their responsibility. The boy has Nibbles the rat (who's been at the vet for a respiratory infection for a week) and the girls now have a guinea pig each. The guineas are from the same litter and have been housed together since they were born.

Makayla named hers Cupcake and Macie named hers Oreo. They have had a hard
time adjusting to our family because they have always been with their mom. It's taken some time but they are slowly coming around. Today the girls were able to pick each one of them up on their own.

All 3 of the new family members are kept in the kids room. It's worked out very well and has really encouraged them to be responsible. Of course they help out with the other pets we have but these are special. They each got to name their pet which meant the world to all 3 of them.

In case any of you were wondering about Nibbles vet visit here is the scoop. When hubs brought him home he was sneezing a lot. It continued on and when we googled it we found that in rats sneezing is bad. It can lead to pneumonia and death. So we jumped into action. The boy LOVES Nibbles and we knew we had to do something. After some discussion we decided to take him to the vet and just pay the $60 rather than have the boys first ever (all his) pet die after a few weeks.

Thankfully before we made the appointment hubs remembered that nibbles was still under guarantee with Petco. He called the manager and he was sooooo nice. He completely understood the situation and told us they would pay for everything and send him to the vet at their cost. He's been there for almost a week and we are supposed to pick him up tomorrow evening. The boy is quite relieved. He's been very worried.

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  1. What a great idea to teach them responsibility! The rat would freak me out a little bit tho..haha!